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The Spectrum Girl's Survival Guide


How to Grow Up

Awesome and Autistic 

The Spectrum Girl's Survival Guide
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The Spectrum Girl's Survival Toolkit


The Workbook for Autistic Girls

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My Story
Siena Castellon

I am a autistic neurodiversity advocate. I was diagnosed as being autistic when I was twelve. As odd as it may sound, my diagnosis came as a welcome relief. After years of being rejected by my classmates for being odd, eccentric and weird and always feeling out of place, I finally had an explanation. That is not to say that finding out I was autistic didn’t come as a surprise. Like so many other people, my family and I had a stereotypical view of autism. When we thought of autism, we envisioned distressed young boys rocking back and forth. Boys who were obsessed with memorising train schedules or license plate numbers. It was only when I started delving deeper that I learned that girls can be autistic too and that we behave very differently, which is why so many of us continue to fly under the radar. It wasn’t long before I discovered that there were very few books and resources aimed at autistic girls. Most of the books and survival guides were written for autistic boys and didn’t address many of the issues I faced as a teen autistic girl. So, I decided to write my own book: The Spectrum Girl’s Survival Guide: How to Grow Up Awesome and Autistic.

The Spectrum Girl's Survival Guide

How to Grow Up Awesome and Autistic 

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Siena has articulated the details of life that can be used as a blueprint for girls on the spectrum. She has powerfully illustrated many important concepts on how to focus on strengths and interests to build a healthy identity. This book is a gift not only to girls on the spectrum but also others who care about them. This book will be a great resource for neurodiverse girls, their parents and providers.


Stanford University's Neurodiversity Project

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