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A companion to the bestseller The Spectrum Girl's Survival Guide, this essential toolkit workbook for teen autistic girls gives you the coping strategies needed to overcome the challenges that may be holding you back. Using clinically proven techniques like mindfulness, acceptance, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), autistic teenager Siena Castellon shares her experiences, strategies, and tools to help you thrive at home, at school, and beyond. This friendly workbook is filled with autism-focused practical advice and interactive exercises on managing social anxiety, sensory overloads, making and maintaining friendships, and much more. In this fun and engaging 275-page, full-colour workbook, you'll find:


  • More than 100 different exercises and activities – You'll learn how to succeed in school, reframe negative thoughts, safeguard your mental health, and practice self-care.


  • How to tap into the power of your character strengths to become the best version of yourself – You'll be encouraged to take charge of your life by building your confidence, recognizing your many strengths, thinking more positively, and investing in your future and much more!


Throughout this relatable book, Siena shares her struggles and victories of being autistic to remind you that you are not alone and that you're awesome and autistic.

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“Siena’s new book takes all the wisdom of her ‘Spectrum Girl’s Survival Guide’, and turns it into innovative practical techniques to manage the more difficult aspects of life as an autistic girl. The Spectrum Girl’s Survival Toolkit is full of amazing tips and strategies - all offered with Siena’s trademark reassurance, understanding, and kindness.  It's an essential resource for autistic young people, their teachers, and parents, and will make such a difference to so many lives.”

  • Dr Anna Remington, Director, Centre for Research in Autism and Education (CRAE), UCL Institute of Education, University College London



“Siena's toolkit is mind and emotion self-care for young women, helping to break down the fears and self-consciousness that come with growing up a neurotypical world. It provides a safe frame for our deepest worries and a healthy structure for developing confidence, self-assurance and boundaries. After years of wondering "Is it me?" as a teen, I would have loved the reassuringly firm messages of staying true to your authentic self and navigating tricksy friendships and social expectations. An essential support for autistic, ADHD, dyslexic, dyspraxic, Tourettes, anxious and all neurominorities who are struggling with emergent womanhood. This book is like the voice of your older, wiser, safer self, spurring you on.”

  • Dr. Nancy Doyle, CEO & Founder of Genius Within



"The Spectrum Girl's Survival Toolkit is an essential and practical workbook with a wealth of information, strategies, and resources for young women with autism.   The quality and range of content from social and communication skills, guides on developing confidence and well-being, study strategies, all framed in a strength based paradigm of neurodiversity is a 'must have' for young woman and this should be available in every school, college, and university library.


Written by Siena a young woman with lived experience of autism and ADHD, this guide - an accompanying toolkit to her best-selling book of the same name, is also a valuable tool for teachers, lecturers, and parents, offering an insightful, accessible toolkit to support and enable young women on the spectrum.

This publication is long overdue!"

  • Dr. Tony Lloyd, CEO, ADHD Foundation neurodiversity Charity